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From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans,Sr. February 07, 2005I. Survival Basics:I, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Decided to rant and vent on the subject of survival basics. First, I will set the table and then get into the meat of the subject. I'm not going to be too concern about focus, I will probably be all over the map.Caution:Stop reading now, or read at your own risk, because I'm going to "Let her rip." I'm going to call it as I see it and let my thoughts just flow. You can call it "No holds barred, shooting from the hip" or some other metaphor because I'm fixing to deliver the cold steel rock hard buck naked facts as I see them. The time has past for tender feel good talk. After listening to the latest on a call in talk show concerning minor budget cuts I realized that this nation is in more serious trouble than even I could imaging.

With the rage I heard from folks calling in it seemed that reason has "Flew the coop". The way I see it is sane men and women must be able to disagree on solving our nations budget problems, the government doesn't have an endless supply of money. The liberals have been more successful than they even realize.

After over seventy years they have succeeded in instilling a socialist mentality in close to ninety five percent of the American population to some degree. Nearly ninety five percent of the American population probably don't know what the basics of human survival are. We as a nation Has a death wish and doesn't even know it. Sure, I understand that it is easy to tolerate cuts if the cuts doesn't affect you.

But, for the sake of the country we all need to be prepared to suck it up and move on with a positive attitude, we are still the freest country on earth with unlimited opportunities. The death wish I was speaking of is there are far too many self centered dependents that would rather see the whole system collapse than make a sacrifice. I'm scared, folks. We are in far more trouble than we think. Nothing will surprise me anymore.

Chasing a falling star or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the nation may even vote the liberals back in power, which I believe will guarantee a total collapse. Sure, many already think I'm a kook, a far right nut, and out of touch, so be it, I'm not going to let up, I'm justing getting warm. I don't play, I quit school because they had recess. When it gets so tough the chaplain goes AWOL thats when its just getting comfortable for me.

Folks, this is not a game, we are playing for all of the survival marbles. I feel I have above average wisdom, but for God sake folks, most of this stuff is just plain common sense. Why have our learning institutions failed us so much? Maybe, "The death of common sense" did take place. The way I think and write is the way most people a hundred years ago took for granted.

Back then people knew what the basics of survival were and knew certain things don't ever change. Like everyone, I appreciate modern technology and all of the modern creature comforts, but I never forget that life is a cycle. Folks, I hope I'm wrong about what I think we are headed for. Sometimes I get so tired of ranting and shouting to deaf ears, ain't nobody listening. But, I just remember that "To more is given more is expected", I must continue on, the stakes are too high.

There will be no tomorrow or a second chance, It is my destiny to get the word out. Where is our survival instinct as a nation? What happen "To sometimes giving up a right for a wrong? Why are so many Americans Ignorant of how a free market place should work? Why, why folks, was a shy neurotic poor uneducated south Georgia country boy chosen to explain the obvious? Why Lord, why do I see and understand the solution so clearly when so many are caught up in this insane political correctness nonsense?

Why, why oh Lord was I given this awesome heavy burden? Wake up America. Praise the Lord. I won't look back. I wash my hands. In football as in all sports a winning coach will tell you "Its all about the basics". Its the same way with the economy and the survival of our country. The basics of survival as I understand is "It is the responsibility of the nuclear family or families to provide its own food, shelter, and warmeth, plus, the responsibility of parents to care for their own children and the responsibility of grown children to care for their own elderly parents." That is it in a nut shell, everything else is gravy and icing on the cake.

Ninety five percent of Americans either don't know this or have forgotten it. Sure, it is good to have money, modern technology, and all of the fine creature comforts, but none of these things are going to save this nation if we are too far away from the basics. Most people especially the young think it is the responsibility of the government to take care of people, that is fine, I don't have a problem with that. But, I'm one that knows that no government will last forever, all governments will go broke sooner or later.

Then, if you are too for away from the basics you have no foundation left to reorganize and rebuild upon, that is judgement day. When one grows old and can no longer work to earn their keep it is the primary responsibility of their offspring to care for them. The only exception is when the elderly have enough savings or other means of support. The reason why the economy is distorted and prices are growing further and further out of reach is because when government gives money to the people it subsidises high prices and keep prices high.

In time it screws everything up.Without government subsiding high prices the free market place would bring prices down to the masses level and the poor would be able to pay their own way including medical bills. Plus, it would save our moral and family values by purging out most of todays societal problems. How we got away from the basics is when government became a daddy, the great white father provider.

Natures supreme law of natural selection and survival is based on "need." I will guarantee you that we are doomed as a free country unless the social program swamp is dealt with. You will never be able to solve the illegal drug problem, the illegal immigration problem, or any other social problem unless you deal with the supply and demand that is driving it. The decline of America's nuclear family and social structure begin when government with good intentions slowly begin providing for family and social needs.

On the surface that doesn't seem like a bad thing and on a temporary basis it's not. But, it is the nature of things to grow, and given time it was a poison pill because it eliminates the survival need for the nuclear family. The destruction of the nuclear family is at the core of every social ill we have today. The nuclear family is the foundation of every civilization known to man and when it goes so goes western culture and civilization.

Illegal immigration and other social ills are only symptoms of the core problem, the destruction of our nuclear family and moral values, caused by the government playing sugar daddy.A certain amount of pain and suffering is part of life, and is the responsibility of the nuclear family, extended family, religious organizations, and the community. The government should stay with what it does best, that is, collect taxes and provide internal and external defense.

It should never get involve in the social arena except as a last resort on a temporary basis because government disrupts the free market place and the need for male head of households. Make no mistake about it, nothing less than privatising almost all social programs are going to save this great, great nation, and probably all of western civilization with the global economy. But, I refuse to lose faith that America will do what has never been done before in the history of civilization, that is, reverse a course headed to a complete moral and economical collapse.

A cold hard fact is, no matter what I say or what the government does its going to go against someones self interest, wisdom dictates that you do what benefits the most without abusing the few.

How did our circuit of existence come about?
The other day I was listening to this commentator and he asked something to this effect, "Can you prove that we are not the most intelligent beings in the universe." I thought about that and decided to ponder the question. I'm not sure if I or anyone can prove it but I know there is a higher power, You can call him God, A superior being, or whatever. You see, we are in a mental box called logic. We are locked in and cannot escape.

With only logic we will never be able to understand the beginning of our existence or our purpose here on earth. Our five senses connects us to reality, otherwise there would be no reality. Do that mean there would still be reality if no life could sense it? Like the old question: "If a tree fell in the Forrest and there were nothing or no body there to hear it, would there be a sound?" Who knows, in time other senses could evolve to produce a higher level of intelligent.

There are animals that have senses that can match almost anything we can do with modern technology and probably countless other things we haven't discovered and are not aware of. There are animals that have senses of radar, sonar, electricity, and many other things that modern technology can and cannot do.Who knows, there may be infinite worlds and dimensions coexisting with us that we don't have the senses to detect.

Who knows how Nessie and Bigfoot comes and goes. In most of the animal world smell is the dominant sense and is many, many times more powerful than ours. Down wind a polar bear can smell prey almost a hundred miles away. It is almost unbelievable what a blood hound can do with the sense of smell. Logic dictates that there must be a beginning to everything. Just think of the old riddle, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

.About the chicken and egg riddle?
Being boxed in with logic we can't even solve a simple little riddle like that. But, we know the answer must lie somewhere. We understand relativity, nothing don't just happen with no connection. In closing, wise men realized long ago that our power to reason was limited, so for the sake of sanity there must be a deity or deities with all the answers. I totally agree. Wait, hold on a moment, I've decided to delve deeper into this chicken and egg riddle.

Actually there is no such thing as which came first in the "Which came first, the chicken or the egg riddle." The chicken or the egg riddle is actually a life cycle circuit which is a unit of one. No matter how many parts a circuit has it still operates as one unit. My observation of the unit of one, oneness opens up far deeper questions, but I will leave it there for now.

Sure, life can evolve and adapt, but, a beginning life cycle circuit must be made, powered, maintained, and exist for some purpose. We humans don't make electrical circuits without some purpose.

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